Sam Thorne

Born 1993 in England/UK, Sam began drumming at the age of 8, having private lessons with a number of teachers. As he advanced musically he started lessons with Alex Biggs at Drum Base, passing grade 8 and a level 4 Performance Diploma with distinction. He continues to build on his craft, expand his influences, and climb the drumming ladder.

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Sam has played with local, wedding and function bands and is now focusing on session work. He is an accomplished singer and continues to study in this area, adding an extra dimension to music in the form of backing vocals. Sam can combine acoustic sounds with electronics, using triggers and sample pads. He is incredibly reliable, having never missed a gig. 

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Session Musician

 Sam is adept at reading sheet music and can confidently play a variety of styles. He has vast recording experience, regularly working in various studios around the Midlands. He is courteous, humble, and respectful of the artist’s creative control. As well as studio stints, he is also asked to ‘dep’ at short notice for gigs, using his sight-reading ability to play the parts.

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Sam’s skills in writing are often called upon too, having written not only drum parts, but lyrics and structures with some of the bands he has worked with.  With a wide array of influences, from Led Zeppelin to Louie Bellson, Sam will consistently have something to offer, be it an initial groove, or some percussion for the finishing touch.

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Drum Teacher

Over the last decade, Sam has established two successful teaching studios based in London & Northamptonshire. Teaching all ages, from beginners to experts, he uses whichever repertoire the student feels will suit them best.  He forges excellent relationships with his pupils and aims to teach in a fun yet effective way, which forms the basis of confident, enjoyable learning

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