Choose your sound

The Premier "54"

Built in Leicester in 1958, this Premier kit is probably the oldest thing I will ever own, but its still in great condition. A 17 x 22" bass drum, with 8 x 12" and 16 x 16" inch toms, make this a punchy but musical kit, with an amazing vintage sound.

Ludwig Green Sparkle

This 4 piece setup is a mixture of 2 kits, the 16 x 22" bass drum and 16 x 18" lower floor tom are from 1978, while the smaller 16 x 16" floor tom and 14 x 13" hi-tom are from 1969. A great sounding vintage kit with a huge sound.

Yamaha Rydeen

Rydeen is the Japanese God of Thunder, and these drums live up to the name. The six-ply Mahogany shells have a warm tone and lots of bottom end, and when combined with fresh Remo batter heads, this mid-level kit sounds like a high-end. 22" Bass Drum, 10" x 8" & 12" x 9" rack toms, and a 14" x 14" Floor Tom.

Ludwig 1968 Supraphonic 400 5"×14" Snare Drum

"The most recorded snare drum on the planet." Most times when people think of a snare drum sound in their head they will be thinking of a Ludwig 400. Thought to have been first used around 1961, the Ludwig Supra-phonic has become a true work-horse and the go-to snare drum for professional players and recording studio engineers. 

Sabian Cymbals

Since being founded in 1981, Sabian have been making some of the best cymbals that money can buy. Starting with a mid range cymbal pack, Sam has been slowly building his collection, taking care to choose cymbals with a variety of sounds and finishes. With multiple crashes, rides, hi-hats and effect cymbals, Sam can create the sound you want to hear.

Roland SPD-SX

As well as making the industry-standard V-Drum kits, Roland have long been a leading light in percussion controllers. The SPD-SX is their flagship drum sampler, enabling electronic sounds to be played alongside regular acoustic sounds. Using this, Sam can trigger any sound while also playing on the kit, from keyboard samples and guitar chords to entire backing tracks. 

Sticks & Heads

Since day 1, Sam has been using Vic Firth drumsticks. The Vic Firth Company has been setting the standard in the industry since its inception in 1963. Sam favours 7A sticks with a nylon tip, but is happy to use whatever is necessary to achieve the perfect sound, including brushes, hot-rods or soft sticks. Coupled with a fresh set of Remo batter heads, Sam can create a vintage or modern sound, by switching between coated and clear heads.


Sam plays and owns a number of percussion instruments, including a Meinl cajon, a world percussion djembe, and a large variety of shakers, tambourines, cowbells, woodblocks and more! He feels the ability to add percussion to a song is just as important as the drums themselves, as it can bring new layers of sound into the mix.