Sam's Northamptonshire teaching studio

 Sam's teaching studios have been running very successfully now for many years. His teaching is enthusiastic and fun with the primary intention of providing a means to invigorate, broaden and stimulate all pupils during their lessons.  

Teaching out of either a studio in Crouch End, London on a brand new Roland TD-25KV electric drumkit, or in a soundproof room in Welton, Northamptonshire, students can make as much (or as little) noise as they like on the kit. Sam usually plays with 2 toms, but is happy to modify his kit into a number of configurations to suit the student, including left handed players. Sam is also willing to travel to the student if necessary. 

Sam teaches all groups and age ranges (he is fully DBS checked) and has found much success using the Rock School  repertoire, but is also experienced with Trinity grades. He has a natural rapport with his pupils, especially younger pupils and teenagers, who know that he is a brilliant and regular performer as well as their teacher; many pupils have attended his local gigs to see him in action! 

As well as advanced playing techniques and stick control, students will learn to read sheet music. This is an invaluable skill, and can be used for learning songs, sight reading, grade exams and composition. Teaching a number of styles, Sam can tailor his lessons so the student learns what they want to learn, while also learning what every drummer needs.

Samuel B, age 10, passed grade 2 with Merit